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Restaurant Partnership for Digital Marketing

The Challenge: The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and our partner restaurant was facing the challenge of developing effective omnichannel marketing campaigns to increase their reach, engagement, and leads volume. They also struggled with major tracking issues that hindered their ability to measure and optimize their marketing efforts. Additionally, they aimed to increase customer lifetime value and overall profitability.

The Result: Working in collaboration with the restaurant, our digital marketing team implemented a comprehensive strategy that addressed their challenges and delivered remarkable results. The partnership resulted in an increase of more than 55,065% in reach, a more than 29,902% boost in engagement, and an increase of more than 400% in leads volume. Furthermore, a systemized marketing funnel was established, setting the foundation for long-term growth.

What You Will Learn from this Case Study

By examining this case study, you will gain valuable insights into the following key aspects:

  • The importance of building omnichannel marketing campaigns to maximize impact across multiple platforms and channels.
  • The detrimental effects of double attribution on profit margins and effective strategies to fix tracking issues.
  • How to capitalize on your customer base more effectively than ever before, leading to increased customer lifetime value.
  • How to introduce massive offer scarcity without annoying your customers, leveraging scarcity and urgency as effective marketing tools.


The restaurant primarily catered to customers in the local market. During our initial analysis, we identified significant discrepancies and lack of congruity across the restaurant’s marketing channels. There were ad-hoc discounts, insufficient campaign planning, and poor creative attention across all platforms. The restaurant’s main focus was to achieve the highest possible profitability.


Recognizing the restaurant’s limited time, experience, and resources, our first step was to meticulously plan out a three-month campaign strategy. To ensure a cohesive marketing approach, our team assumed control over every aspect of the restaurant’s marketing activities, including ad campaigns, ad graphics creation, ad video scripting, and landing page development. The implementation of a congruent marketing strategy across each platform resulted in an immediate improvement in performance. The compound effect of omnichannel marketing and correct budget allocation played a significant role in the success of the campaign


Accurate allocation of the marketing budget is crucial for predictable growth. By making informed decisions based on the most accurate attribution points, we improved overall revenue and campaign results. Double attribution, a common issue faced by businesses, was effectively mitigated, ensuring that our ad data remained precise and that we did not charge excessively for double attribution across multiple platforms.


Implementing scarcity and urgency as marketing strategies is a delicate balancing act. By leveraging audience segmentation across all platforms, we maximized the relevance of offers for potential customers. For example, we created a list of potential customers who were on the verge of making a purchase and strategically delivered hyper-relevant offers through various marketing channels. This level of attention and proactivity in campaign execution allowed us to achieve impressive results.


Innovation and experimentation with new creatives and angles were crucial factors in the restaurant’s success. Adapting to the changing content consumption patterns of the target audience, we found that user-generated content (UGC) combined with dynamic ads yielded exceptional results. Consequently, we developed a scriptwriting team to create compelling and trend-focused ads. Additionally, we established a video editing department to repurpose and develop more creatives from single video shoots. This approach significantly reduced video production costs while greatly enhancing our ad Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


With a clear roadmap and a well-defined destination in mind, our partnership with the restaurant led to the successful achievement of deliverables. By overcoming challenges related to marketing congruity, tracking issues, scarcity implementation, and creative development, the restaurant managed to break free from a state of entropy and scale to new heights. The case study highlights the importance for brands to remain conscious of upcoming marketing opportunities and adapt their strategies to the rapidly evolving landscape of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing. By implementing effective marketing techniques, even small shifts in creative strategy and platform utilization can result in substantial revenue growth and improved business profitability.

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